Company Overview

Sigma Powertrain (“Sigma” or the “Company”) is a start-up powertrain development company located in Livonia, Michigan, United States of America. Sigma Powertrain was founded in 2016 by John Kimes to develop and commercialize electrified powertrains based on intellectual property (IP) that he had invented over the previous 25+ years. The core technologies of Sigma Powertrain are patented multi-ratio gearbox architectures, clutch mechanisms, electromechanical devices for electric powertrains, the related control software, and self-monitoring component protection systems.

While many of these technologies were originally developed with a focus on the passenger car market, the greatest demand for multi-ratio gearboxes in the electrified vehicle space is in the commercial vehicle segment. In 2018, Sigma Powertrain filed a patent on its first product, the EMAX™ transmission for electric medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. By 2020, Sigma Powertrain had it’s core software controls and development team in place.

The First EMAX™ transmissions were being tested both in vehicle and on a test stand by the end of 2020. Since then, sigma has accelerated its development efforts by continuing to improve and expand the EMAX™ design and performance to include EMAXle™ (eAxle) and MID™ (a transmission for smaller vehicle applications) product offerings. Sigma Powertrain has been engaged for several pilot programs in customer applications and aims to begin production of the EMAX™ in Q2 2023. All improvements are analyzed and tested. Independent of implementation, the improvements are reviewed and, if deemed valuable, the underlying IP is secured.