Transmission technology for tomorrow's industry.

The EMAX single powertrain solution and MID-Series electric transmissions combine Sigma’s innovative technology and software to provide state-of-the-art power for any class vehicle.

E-MAX Electric Transmission

Discover EMAX

A single powertrain electric transmission designed to work with any size or class of vehicle.

MID-Series Multi-Mode Electric Transmission

Discover MID-Series

A multi-mode electric transmission that provides reliable, compact power for your electric vehicle.


With over 100 combined years of experience in the automotive engineering industry, our core team of engineers, programmers, and technical personnel at Sigma Powertrain hold over 50 patents in the field of electric powertrains.


E-MAX Electric Transmission

Designed to work with any size or class vehicle.

Discover the power of modularity with EMAX. At just 18″ long, EMAX has 4 CVT modes capable of a combined 4600Nm of input torque. This extremely high power density means it has capacity for a class 8 semi-truck, yet it’s small enough for a class 1 F-150.

EMAX has a common gearbox with interchangeable inputs and outputs. This modularity design mean sit works with any size or class of vehicle.

EMAX is a maximum efficiency multi-mode powertrain. Each e-motor operates at 3 and 2 unique ratios respectively, each with independent power flow through a common box. This maximizes efficiency — keeping more of the drive cycle in the “sweet spots” of the e-motors.

EMAX’s all-electric powertrain has no need for hydraulics. Imagine that.

Electric Park & Hill Hold

Park it. Hold it. A solution designed to fit any electric vehicle.

Our patented Park Electric Park & Hill Hold is designed to fit any electric vehicle.

Electric Park & Hill Hold comes included in all Sigma Powertrain systems.

Interested in purchasing Electric Park & Hill Hold separately? Contact us for more information.

MID-Series Multi-Mode Electric Transmission

Reliable, compact power for your electric vehicle.

The MID-Series multi-mode electric transmission is a completely integrated 300hp 3-speed BEV that includes inverters, heat exchangers, water pump, oil pump and pan.

Each MID-Series comes complete with an integrated powertrain controller, control software, and default calibration.

The MID-Series is sized for classes 1–6 with a max torque 1370Nm on the output shaft with a top speed of 8000 RPM.

Our patented all-electric clutches provide extreme efficiency and power density.

All versions of the Mid-Series electric transmission include our Electric Park & Hill Hold feature.

Raptor EVolved equipped with E-MAX electric powertrain.

Want to take it for a spin? See which shows we’ll be at this year where you can take Raptor EVolved for a test drive!

Our first proof-of-concept vehicle, launched in Q1 2020, Raptor EVolved is equipped with an EMAX electric powertrain.

Hungry for horsepower? Look no further. The Raptor EVolved packs an impressive 800hp, because electric is uncompromising.

Maintain carry-over driveline with true 4×4 H/L capability.

We know it’s at least 150 mile range. Further details and specs for final mile range will be available soon. We’re still driving it right now.

Our Raptor EVolved proof-of-concept vehicle shows off in impressive style. Visit us at one of the shows and see for yourself that maximizing efficiency doesn’t mean sacrificing power or speed.